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Empowerment for Women Over 45: Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth


For women 45+ struggling with overwhelm and burnout live their lives with integrity and courage, in as little as 6 months, without having to let go of current responsibilities or obligations, even if you’ve already tried time-management techniques, taking vacations, or reading self-help books.

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Empowerment for Women Over 45: Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth

Are you a woman over 45 feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of balancing self-care, relationships, and life choices? Are you struggling to express your needs and wants, while juggling the responsibilities of caring for ageing parents, supporting adult children, managing coworker conflicts, and maintaining a healthy spouse/partner relationship? Are you running your own business, pursuing further education, volunteering, and trying to stay connected with peers?

 Introducing “Empowerment for Women Over 45: Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth,” a groundbreaking program designed specifically for women like you. This program offers a transformative experience, empowering you to explore your thoughts and emotions, identify what truly matters to you, and have the courage to express yourself openly and honestly.

 Our program is tailored to help you discover and express your unique thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and identity. We understand the challenges that come with navigating changing relationships after 45, and our qualified facilitators are here to guide you every step of the way.

Why Join Empowerment for Women Over 45?


  • Authenticity and Confidence: Develop a strong sense of authenticity and confidence in expressing yourself, both verbally and non-verbally. Gain the ability to communicate effectively, assert your needs and desires, and convey your personal values and beliefs.

  • Self-Discovery: Take the time to explore your inner thoughts and emotions, allowing you to better understand yourself. Uncover what truly matters to you and find your voice in the process.

  • Relationship Management: Learn strategies, skills, and tactics to maintain excellent relationships while not sacrificing your own well-being. Discover creative ways to make time for self-care and manage the complexities of your various roles.

About the Facilitator

 Our program is led by Heather, a certified professional life coach and relationship expert with over 40 years of experience in mentoring, coaching, and facilitating small groups. Heather has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a certified Disaster Recovery Coach, and specializes in helping women navigate life transitions.

 Program Details

 Empowerment for Women Over 45 consists of four comprehensive courses, each designed to address a specific aspect of personal growth and relationship management:

  • Building Your Foundation: Discovering What Matters Most to You: Lay the groundwork for self-discovery and identify your core values, aspirations, and priorities.

  • Setting Your Course: Building Your Life Plan: Develop a personalized life plan that aligns with your values and goals, empowering you to make intentional choices and take control of your life.

  • Protecting Your Time & Energy: The Power of Setting Boundaries: Learn the art of setting boundaries to protect your time, energy, and emotional well-being. Gain practical strategies for managing relationships while maintaining personal boundaries.

  • Speak Your Truth With Confidence: Finding Your Voice and Communicating Effectively: Enhance your communication skills, express yourself confidently, and assert your needs and desires. Discover the power of effective communication in building strong, healthy relationships.


The program includes a combination of one-on-one and group coaching sessions, downloadable/printable PDF worksheets, a comprehensive workbook, and certificates of completion for each course and the overall program. You can complete the program at your own pace, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.


Invest in Yourself

We invite you to invest in yourself and join the community of women who are reclaiming their voice, embracing their true selves, and prioritizing their well-being. The cost of the program is $2,997, offering you access to transformative guidance and support.


How to Sign Up

To register for Empowerment for Women Over 45 and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, simply email us at heather.relationships.info@gmail.com  We are here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the support you need to take the next step.


Don’t let the challenges of life overpower your voice. Join Empowerment for Women Over 45: Find Your Voice and Speak Your Truth today.

Register now: heather.relationships.info@gmail.com


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